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ABC Eco Lodge

Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, the Phobjikha Valley is a serene and splendid expanse, renowned for its ethereal natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere. Often referred to as one of Bhutan’s most beautiful spots, this valley, with its rolling hills and expansive meadows, is a symphony of nature that captures the heart of every traveler. Just a scenic 2.5-hour drive from the historical town of Punakha, Phobjikha is not just a destination but a canvas of Bhutan’s untouched and mesmerizing landscapes. It is indeed a must-visit locale for anyone journeying through Bhutan, offering a perfect escape into the lap of nature.

Within this enchanting valley lies the quaint and charming ABC Eco Lodge. Strategically located just below the local monastery, our lodge is more than just a place to stay; it’s a serene retreat that harmonizes with the environment, offering you a gateway to both peace and adventure. With 13 luxury rooms, each providing a warm, comfortable haven, ABC Eco Lodge is designed to ensure that every guest experiences the tranquility and majesty of Phobjikha in the most intimate manner.

Embrace the serene whispers of nature at ABC Eco Lodge, where every window opens to a story written by the hills, and every stay whispers the secrets of the valley.

Needup Wangdee, Managing Partner

At ABC Eco Lodge, we pride ourselves on offering a service that goes beyond mere hospitality. Here, you are family. Each room serves as your private window to the breathtaking vistas of lush greenery and majestic mountains. The lodge itself acts as a starting point for numerous walking trails and nature hikes around the valley, allowing you to explore the rich biodiversity and vibrant local culture at your own pace.

Experience the essence of Bhutanese charm and unwind in the spellbinding beauty of Phobjikha at ABC Eco Lodge, where every stay is more than just a visit—it’s a journey into the heart of nature.

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